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Only well-trained, qualified employees ensure the perfect run of the separators and help to avoid unnecessary costs. Benefit from our technical experience and minimize your separators standstill times with our help.




Our goal is to train your employees to ensure that machine failures can be avoided in advance. After the training, your employees should be able to carry out the small maintenance independently.

The training is practiced at different points of entry and exit. All wear parts are exchanged and the components are reassembled in the original.

Our teaching machine is disassembled in cooperation with all students and re-assembled in mutual exchange of experience.

In the course of the training, the students have the necessary peace in the execution of the individual steps. This is not possible in normal operation. In this way, errors can be avoided, and the correct handling can be explained easily.


Training Block I

 Day 1: In the theory and practice we deal with the drum of our teaching separator HMRPX / Tetracentri 618 HGV.

Discussion and exchange of experience

 Day 2: A small maintenance is carried out to the distributor. Theme: "Typical flaws and what we can derive from them."

Discussion and exchange of experience

 Day 3: Deepening the topics hermetic and drum. Remove the mechanical seal and install it correctly.



Training Block 2

Day 1: Theory from the distributor over the drum to the water system.

Day 2: Practice and function of drum and water hydraulics (OWM). Disassembly and assembly of a separator drum.

Day 3: Discussion of the functions of the separator.



Training Block 3

Day 1: Troubleshooting and error analysis in theory.

Day 2: Written examination and practical examination (carrying out a drum maintenance on the separator incl. Explanation)

Day 3: Discussion of the test results and (if passed) the transfer of the certificate.




The first group of three dairies who successfully passed the exams. We congratulate again and look forward to continued good cooperation.